A group of veterans coming together to a single vision we call KMA Global. With their extensive industry experience, the organization is empowered with the knowledge and guidance for the best certification and training practices. Providing services from training and certification for individuals and organizations alike, we also aid in setting up laboratories and acquire the right accreditation for them. With KMA Global, the power to empower is here for everyone to experience.

Your experience with us

KMA Global specializes in training, inspection and certification services with an expert approach to your business' point of view. Our programs empower your staff and organization with the right tools and knowledge. A continuous evolution is important for growth, be it business or an individual career. Our approach to that growth is through learning which is also in-sync with the industry norms and requirements. With these key tools, we give you the power to grow yourself!



Our programmes accommodate individual to the organizational level training in the various aspects of operations, maintenance, and protocols. The coursework is laid out and train without disrupting the core operations of the business.



The legal guidelines for any industry demand that they follow certain protocols and set standards. We help industries throughout their process management through inspections and hassle-free certification and accreditation.



Consultancy is one of the most important tool for economic and productive (with quality) growth of any Industry. Basically, through consultancy, the industry is technically assisted to achieve their goal successfully and timely.